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Eyorot is a biomechanical ship that is searching for escape

  • Description
    • A space based exploration, action game.
    • Explore the expanse, collect power and escape after you destroy the asteroid
  • How your submission matches the theme
    • Shield can be used for defense and attack
    • Shield when down, you can see farther and observe enemies and their range
    • Use primary weapon or just bump into enemies with your shield up
  • The game's executable package or binary
    • Browser game
    • Keyboard controls
  • The platform(s) your game is intended to run on
    • PC, Browser
  • A list of any third-party resources utilized, such as engines, assets, libraries, frameworks and tools. Please include links to licenses where available
    • Construct 2

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Published 6 days ago
TagsAction, gmtkjam, Space
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

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